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Every day, in every city, town and county in Ohio, the impact associations play is witnessed and felt. Businesses and individuals who choose to be members of their industry associations have higher standards, higher educational training and an important role in advocating for their communities.

Join Ohioans across the state and choose a professional who is a member of their association so you know you are choosing from the very best.

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Our Member Associations

Ohio Dental Association
Finding the right dentist for you is an important decision, and the ODA has resources to make the process easier. Click the link below to search for an Ohio Dental Association member near you.

Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association
The Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association (OHFAMA) is dedicated to serving and protecting the public’s foot health. We are Ohio’s champions for quality foot and ankle medical care for our members and we proudly keep Ohioans on their feet. By providing quality medical and surgical care, we keep Ohio’s citizens independent and walking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The OHFAMA represents over 600 licensed and resident podiatric physicians and surgeons. Finding a podiatrist that is right for you is an important decision, and the OHFAMA can help. Click the link above to find a podiatrist in your area.

Ohio Chapter International Society of Arboriculture
The Mission of the Ohio Chapter International Society of Arboriculture is to advance responsible tree care practices through research, technology and education, while promoting the benefits of trees. The Ohio Chapter values investing in the future of professional arboriculture through education, research, safety and communication, while maintaining integrity and credibility.

Ohio Osteopathic Association
The Ohio Osteopathic Association is celebrating 115 years of distinguished service in Ohio. Osteopathic physicians, known as DOs, are located throughout the state and are dedicated to providing a unique brand of high quality health care. DOs focus on understanding how an injury or illness in one part of the body may impact your total health which provides a unique perspective on managing your care. When you look for a physician, make sure to look for the DO degree. Learn how DOs are leading the transformation of health care.

Ohio Veterinary Medical Association
The OVMA strives to be a trusted and valued source of information not only for veterinarians, but for government bodies, academic institutions, and the general public.

Associations Advance Ohio
Associations Advance Ohio is a collaboration of the Ohio association community to clearly define what all professional and trade association members have in common-a higher standard of ethics, on-going training and education, and a responsibility to actively advocate for the communities they serve within their professions.

The AAO program is designed to illustrate that association membership is the initial stamp of approval for a consumer when they begin the search and selection process for a professional in any field, whether they be physicians, accountants, realtors, educators, insurance agents, funeral directors or any type of business.

AAO supports the belief that Ohioans will benefit by seeking association members in all professions and understanding the difference between a professional service provider, business owner or tradesman who is a member of their state association versus one who has chosen not to participate in association membership.

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